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WL-ICS-A02  Wireless Current Detection Socket  is AS/NZS Certified product developed on ZigBee technology. It can remotely monitor parameters such as current, voltage, power and power consumption in real time
When connected with electrical equipment, it can detect the load current and other parameters of this equipment during its work. The working status  of this equipment can be recognized according to detected current value. Meanwhile, assisted with smart home software of mobile phone, it can monitor and manage the energy consumption of family in real 
This product has a wide application. Apart from  smart home system, it can also be used in intelligent building, wisdom hotel and intelligent agriculture.
Function features
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee equipment type:repeater
Plug and play, simple and flexible operation
Convenient network construction
Support smart energy consumption management
Support cloud computing
Support current overload protection
Manual or remotely control switch.
Built-in routing function
Detect current,voltage, power and power consumption at the 
same time
Monitor and manage the equipment by smart mobile 
terminals such as mobile phone and tablet PC.
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