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WL-AQD-A01  Wireless  Air  Quality Detector is a new product based on ZigBee  wireless technology. The product is specifically used for detecting certain gas concentration of the  indoor air and sending out signals to  mobile intelligent terminal in wireless transmission.
Installing WL-AQD-A01 in the room , it can measure relevant data on CO2, temperature, humidity, VOC etc., and control relevant  devices in order to ensure a good living environment.
WL-AQD-A01 has a wide application, in addition to smart home system, it can also be applied to wisdom hotel, intelligent building, intelligent hospital etc.
Multiple versions  available, it can monitor different air parameter of 
the indoor air.
Deluxe edition  CO2, temperature and humidity , VOC
General edition  CO2, VOC
Express Edition  CO2
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Repeater
Can match up with many alarm devices
Patented design, compact size
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