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WL-IWW -01  Wireless Cloud Body Weight Meter  is a new type of product which was developed on the basis of ZigBee technology. This product can support wireless network and provide cloud service so that the effect of weighing, recording, reminding and tracing can be achieved. For some specified situations, WL-IWW -01  Wireless Cloud Body 
Weight Meter  has irreplaceable function compared with common body weight meters.WL-IWW -01  Wireless Cloud Body Weight Meter  has the unique function of cloud storage, it can be used in any house environment. Through simple setting and application, users  can experience the happiness of cloud storage, sharing and memorizing together.
Apart from smart home system, WL-IWW -01  Wireless  Cloud  Body Weight  Meter can also be widely used in smart hospital, wisdom hotel, smart gym, smart building,  wisdom military camp etc. It is especially meaningful for health care, child supervision, and family health record.
Function features
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee equipment type: Repeater
Delicate appearance
Wide application range
High measuring precision
Liquid crystal indicator, convenient to read
Data locking, automatically come to zero, convenient for test
Low power consumption, automatically turn off design, energy-saving
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