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Manufacturer: Link Security

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WL-DWS-01 Wireless  Door  and Window  Sensor is a professional  product in order to prevent illegal opening of  the doors and  windows.  The  product is  made up of the main part and the magnet part. They can  be installed in both sides of the door or window.
The built-in  sensor can send  out wireless  alarm signal once the door or window is opened illegally.  User  can receive the alarm information at the first time by mobile intelligent terminal and  deal with it timely so that  they can  effectively avoid  any  possible loss and damage.
You can feel at ease no matter where you are for its appearance.
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: terminal
Wireless communication without any wiring
Compact size that can be covert well
Long standby , energy saving and environmental protection
Easy installation, can be used immediately after installation
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Product Code: WL-DWS-01

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