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Manufacturer: Link Security

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WL-DWS-DP  Wireless Drawer Lock  is a dedicated lock for drawer, which is based on  ZigBee  standard design.  Its main  body  and affiliate part are installed on the drawer and desk respectively. Once the drawer is opened illegally,  it can send  out  alarm signal to your mobile phone.
Meanwhile, once the drawer is opened, information  can be saved automatically on IOT clouds. It has great significance for  source tracing and tracking etc.
WL-DWS-DP  Wireless Drawer Lock  features simple installation, lower power consumption etc.  It doesn’t need  any wiring.  With the latest electricity saving technology, it can work normally for almost 2 years just by CR14250 3V security battery.
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Terminal
Wireless communication and easy installation
Compact size and good hidden ability
Long lasting power supply and energy protection
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Product Code: WL-DWS-DP

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