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Manufacturer: Link Safety

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WL-IB-A  Wireless Emergency Alarm  has emergency alarm  trigger function  and  it  can send out alarm signals to mobile intelligent  terminal  at the first time.  The product supports  ZigBee  protocol and doesn’t need any wiring. It is very convenient for using. For example, when the aged and children stay at home alone, they can press the button  on the  product  when emergency situations  happen  and alarm will be triggered at the same time. Therefore, families can get the information from their smart phone, iPad etc.,  and then  they can deal with it immediately. 
The product has a wide application, in addition to the smart home system, it can be also applied to the monitoring system, intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel, intelligent building etc.
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Terminal
Comply with human engineering design
Simple and flexible operation
Convenient to carry
Super long standby time
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Product Code: WL-IB-A

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