Wireless Flammable Gas Detector


Manufacturer: Link Safety

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WL-GD-A01  Wireless  Flammable  Gas  Detector is a new product based on  ZigBee  standard design. It  is usually applied to wireless control alarm devices which have high reliability so as to detect natural gas concentration in the air. It  can also synchronize the data to control center in wireless transmission.
Besides, WL-GD-A01 can  also bind with wireless alarm devices conveniently and send out wireless trigger signals automatically and launch the alarm.
In addition to smart home system, WL-GD-A01can be also applied to wisdom hotel, intelligent building, intelligent hospital etc.
Support ZigBee protocol
ZigBee device type: Repeater
Can match up with many alarm devices
Patented design, compact size
Light weight, elegant appearance
Reliable operation, stable performance, low misinformation rate 
Strong anti-interference ability, adjust sensitivity automatically
Have self-diagnostic function
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Product Code: WL-GD-A01

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