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Product Information

Traditional DVR and camera can meet the needs of a modern family to some extent, but it is far from people’s requirements on IOT smart home. Wulian IOT Sensor Co. launches the smart home camera armed with IOT technology worldwide. 
WL-WSHC-01  It not only boasts all functions of the traditional camera, but also applies smart  home technology and cloud technology.
It achieves  stereo and holographic perception, which makes all your concerns visible. 
Function Features
Support IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi 
Support real-time monitoring of smart mobile terminals 
Support 360°adjustment of the monitoring angles in any smart mobile 
Wireless design, easy to install without setting video and network cables
Intelligentized design to get rid of complex configuration, ready to use 
when energized 
Support video replay of any smart mobile terminals 
Support two-way intercom between smart mobile terminal  and  camera(Optional
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Product Code: WL-WSHC-01

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