Wireless Light Sensor(AS/NZS Certified)


Manufacturer: Link Light

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WL-ID-01  Wireless Light Sensor  is a new AS/NZS Certified product based on  ZigBee wireless transmission technology design.  It is mainly used for detecting light intensity of the environment and can send out automatic regulation command according to light intensity and pre-set parameter.
It  is  widely applied to smart home, wisdom hotel, intelligent  building and intelligent agriculture  to  detect light intensity of the environment in real time, generating real time data and sending  the data  to monitor platform or system center.
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Terminal
There is no need of any wiring and installation is simple
High sensitivity and the operation is steady and reliable 
Exquisite and elegant appearance
Super long time  power supply,  energy saving and environmentally 
Support ceiling mounting and hung mounting etc.
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Product Code: WL-ID-01

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