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Manufacturer: Link Safety

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Product Information

WL-WPL-01 is smart in size and has simple installation. Counter uses lithium batteries to supply(batteries can last more than one year), data can be sent in wireless way and it is free from the wiring;

Product Specifications:

Count:Record the population number pass the test area;

Direction judgement:Automatically judge people’s direction in or out when they pass the test area;

Timing taking: Automatically record the time that people pass the test area;

Networking:Wireless self-ad hoc network;

Communication method: Wireless ZigBee/SmartRoom without any wiring;

Data on stock: Counter offline can store two-way population up to 999999 automatically, it will automatically save the data to the cloud after network is connected;

Data security: Transmission and storage all use advanced encrpytion technology to ensure the security for business confidentiality;

Direction setup: User can set the direction according to the practical situation;

Data display: People flow information can be displayed in real time by mobile phone/background management software;

User Manual

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Product Code: WL-WPL-01

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