Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Manufacturer: Link Light

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WL-TH-01 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor is mainly used for detecting indoor/outdoor air temperature and humidity, sending measured data to control center via ZigBee protocol network.
The product with  special  professional performance can be applied to many places, such as residence, office, hospital  ( infant caring room etc), agriculture  (plastic tent of melon and fruit, vegetable etc), 
botanical garden etc.
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Terminal
There is no need of any wiring during installation
It can be hung on the wall or placed at any positions in the room
Smart in size and elegant appearance
Low power consumption and can be covert well
It doesn’t have noises and can provide a quiet space for you.
Simple operation
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Product Code: WL-TH-01

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