Smart Home solution - cell phone control your TV: Solutions Detail

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Do you think it’s another kind of disaster that there are so many remotes which always disappear when you need them?Based on Wulian Smart Home series, you can let your cell phone learn all commands of your remotes and control your TV,aircondition by cell phone remotely.
Only one touching on your cell phone before you back to home, aircondition switches on and coffee machine begin to work. When you entry your house,no need to wait, you can enjoy hot coffee in comfortable environment at once.
You also can create a LINKAGE between smart home sensors with your appliances and let them work automatic. For example, a linkage between aircondition and temperature and humidity sensor, when temperature is up to a data, aircondition switch on and cool down or warm up. Just a simple setting in App, you may realize this function.
The only device to control appliance is Infrared Transmitter of Wulian Smart Home, one is enough, no need to change your TV , aircondition and etc.All our products are based on ZigBee, it’s wireless and easily to install.