Wulian ZigBee Wireless Curtain Controller System: Solutions Detail

Basic function:

This system is based on ZigBee wireless protocol.

Local control with this control box: Open, Close, Pause:

home security
Then what’s the advantage of Wulian ZigBee Wireless Curtain Controller?

Wireless remote control with cell phone:

Wherever you are, just with one click, you can open, close or suspend the curtain.


For example, when you hurried to office in the morning but forget to open the curtain because it is sunny today. However, At noon if strong sunlight shine in your house it will speed up the aging of your timber floor or electrical appliance near the window. What should we do? Don’t worry and just with one click on your cell phone, curtain will open or close remotely as you like.

Automation control



Are you fed up the opening and closing of the window every day especially for the villa in which there may be more than 10 curtains. It is really boring to open or close them one by one every day. But now with Wulian curtain controller we can set a scene named “open the curtain” or “close all curtains” just with one click, all the curtains will be open or close at the same time. Not only your curtains but also other appliances or devices can switch off as your settings.



With a time setting you can control the curtains to open or close at a certain time as you need, for example, curtain opens at 8 :00 am and close at 18:00 pm from Monday to Friday.



Have you ever thought about this kind of life? Curtain opens or closes automatically when you wake up in the morning or come back home in the evening. By the linkage with Wulian wireless light sensor, we can set that when brightness outside you house more than (for example 1000 Lux in the morning) light sensor will trigger the curtain controller to open automatically. Similarly, light sensor will trigger curtain controller to close when brightness outside less than (for example 100 Lux in the evening).This is smart home solution and this is smart life.

Installation of hardware:

Installation of Wulian devices is very simple and keeps original style of your house, no need internet or signal wiring, just a power line(for some battery powered devices even power line is no need), no need to breaking the walls, just replace your traditional ones or connect Wulian sensors with your devices. You can do it all by yourself. There is a functional key on every product. All you need to do is to click the functional key four times and then hardware installation is finished. No need to connect to the computer and there is no complex configuration.

Operation of software application.


Wulian smart home software can be downloaded at Google Play for Android smartphone and APP store for IOS smartphone. You can also download smart home software on our website (http://www.wulian.cc/english/joining/software.htm). It’s free of charge. You can master the settings of software easily within 5 minutes. Even for a housewife who knows nothing about programming or internet she can operate Wulian smart home software successfully. One click to control and long press to setting, that’s all we need to do. So easy!

What’s more, Wulian Wireless Curtain Controller can match with different brands of curtain motors. No special requirement.

It is widely used in Smart home, Smart hotel, Smart hospital, smart building and smart breeding etc.

Wireless Curtain Control System is only one small part of Wulian, We are the only one company in the world who is able to supply a whole set of ZigBee home automation products and solution: Security Protection, Appliance Control, Lighting Management, Health Monitor, Environment Conditioning, Energy Saving, Emergency Service, Remote Irrigation system, Parking system,etc.