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• Current Detection Socket(AS/NZS Certified)

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WL-ICS-A02 Wireless Current Detection Socket is AS/NZS Certified product developed on ZigBee technology. It can remotely monitor parameters such as current, voltage, power and power consumption in real time When connected with electrical equipment, it can detect the load current and other parameters of this equipment during its work. The working status of this equipment can be recognized according to detected current value. Meanwhile, assisted with smart home software of mobile phone, it can monitor and manage the energy consumption of family in real time. This product has a wide application. Apart from smart home system, it can also be used in intelligent building, wisdom hotel and intelligent agriculture.

Function Features:
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee equipment type:repeater
Plug and play, simple and flexible operation
Convenient network construction
Support smart energy consumption management
Support cloud computing
Support current overload protection
Manual or remotely control switch.
Built-in routing function
Detect current,voltage, power and power consumption at the same time
Monitor and manage the equipment by smart mobile
terminals such as mobile phone and tablet PC.

Product Code: WL-ICS-A02
User Manual:
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•Wireless Gateway(AS/NZS Certified)

Smart Home Video System

WL-GW-A Wireless Gateway is AS/NZS Certified communication device based on ZigBee HA protocol. It provides standard Ethernet Port which can connect ZigBee wireless network with LAN or internet. With Wireless Gateway, users can easily control any products which are based on ZigBee protocol via various mobile intelligent terminal to realize a safe and reliable transmission of wireless data. The product has a wide application in IOT field, it is the core product in ZigBee protocol network.
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Coordinator Save and operation set by special software Intelligent connection, safe and reliable Simple structure, convenient to use Fashion and elegant appearance, it is suitable for many places.
Product Code:WL-GW-A
User Manual:
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• Wireless Repeater

Smart Home Video System

WL-R-A Wireless Repeater is a new type of function equipment to assist IOT Internet communication gateway and to expand covering area. It is mainly used for the diffusion of wireless network signal and area covering so that the family wireless network can run smoothly.
Function Features
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee equipment type: Repeater
Wireless connection, free of cable
Enhance wireless signal, expand covering area of the network
Effective covering distance: 1 Km
Able to be mobile, safer and more reliable
User-friendly design, able to play immediately after being plugged
Product Code:WL-R-A
User Manual:
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• Wireless Security Socket (Wall Mounting)

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WL-WWS-2 Wireless Smart Security Socket (wall) is a kind of wireless smart sockets which can be controlled remotely. It can be bound with other equipments to control the relay. This equipment can be wireless controlled by manual operation,cell phone,tablet PC and touch panel remotely or in short distance. It can fully comply with the standard of IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee HA protocol,it is suitable to be used in any Zigbee HA protocol network. WL-WWS-2 IOT smart security socket adopts the world' s first socket security technology. It works when other electrical equipments are plugged, power off when it is unplugged, which has a special effect in protecting the children from electric shock because of mistakenly inserting.
Function Features
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee equipment type: repeater
Convenient and fast network
Built-in routing function
With manual/ remote switching function
Easy installation and usage,fully compatible with existing standard sockets
Product Code: WL-WWS-2
User Manual:
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• Wireless Smart Socket

Wireless Drawer Lock

WL-ICS-A01 Wireless Smart Socket is a new AS/NZS Certified product based on ZigBee technology design. It can support mobile intelligent terminal devices and wireless network so as to control the switch wirelessly and intelligently. As for specified environment and group, WL-ICS-A01 can't be replaced by ordinary socket. Through simple settings and applications, more and more people can enjoy the convenience and pleasure brought by smart home.
Function Features:
Support ZigBee HA protocol
ZigBee device type: Repeater
Exquisite appearance
Simple and flexible operation
Convenient and fast network connection
Product Code
User Manual:
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•Wireless Smart Lock 2

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WL-WIL-02 Wireless Cloud Smart Lock is a new product based on ZigBee technology. It can be connect with standard products in the world seamlessly so that you can enjoy your life without any worries. The only thing you need to do is take out your intelligent terminal and enter the passwords, the door will automatically open for you. Besides,you do not need to worry about forgetting to bring the key or cell phone any more. Your family can open it for you remotely. As for security,smart lock has a more complete protection mechanism. You and your family can get the information immediately if there is anyone who opens,locks or counter locks the door. With its particular professional performance,this product can be widely used in smart home, wisdom hotel and intelligent building.

Support ZigBee HA protocol.
ZigBee equipment type: terminal.
Wireless network, simple and convenient installation.
The volume is adjustable to reduce noise.
Humanized design, support left and right automatic induction function.
Smart design , can choose different installation environment according to user ' s needs.
Both internal and external can be set forced lock mode, which is more secure.
It can be used as ordinary lock and available to be opened wirelessly, flexible and convenient to use.
Product Code:WL-WIL-02
User Manual:
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