Home Automation-Home Security System solution: Solutions Detail

A well-designed lighting system is a very important part of smart home. It can set the comfort in your house, save energy and care your security without striking a blowing. No matter which kind of home automation system, it has an irreplaceable position.

Choose a proper lighting system

Selection of the lighting control system is very important, because it always operates as the core of smart home and it can determine overall capacity of home automation system. In smart home solutions, we are critical brand of manufacture partners. We provide lighting control ideas and put forward proposals on installing a most suitable lighting system for you.

Benefits of smart home lighting

Moods setting

A well and thoughtful lighting system could have such effects—Setting the mood of your living space. We design smart home solutions according to your life around you which could make you love to go home.

Above all, from creating your mood to welcoming you home, it can be all simple like pressing a button. Every touch panel could have many lighting scenes, such as ‘romantic dinner’, ‘cooking mode’ ,‘theatre mode’, or ‘sports time’ etc.
Our humanized controlling solutions could apply to any decoration conveniently to avoid various annoyance and losses by wiring so that it can keep your original style and save your time greatly.

One-stop solutions

A smart home should make your life simple rather than increasing. Our solutions could take seamless connection of your smart home lighting, air-condition, floor heating thermostat, security and others of home automation system. Nothing could be simple than this. You could forget many remote controllers, wallboard and user manuals. As innovative brand in lighting control field, we can provide you an unbelievable system.

Energy management

A smart lighting control system could save electricity, reduce the cost, save energy consumption and protect environment. When leaving home, you can just press a button, even there is no need to press the button, because you can leave just by taking your authorized mobile phone. Our designed system could turn off all the electrical appliances or turn off the lamps forgot been turned off automatically. It will reduce your family energy consumption greatly and avoid unnecessary energy wasting.

Besides, our lighting control system could also ensure that natural lighting and electric lighting can mix together to get the best lighting effects which could keep energy saving efficiency at a optimum level.


You should also know that your lighting system can avoid uninvited guest at night by active preventing. Or you can press the button from the head of your bed when you hear strange noises at night.

Keep simplicity

It’s really a nightmare for trying to make many supplier cooperate and provide solutions! As backbone of the smart home, lighting control system can make seamless fusion with other systems which include safety, access control, heating and cooling. This is a basic requirement for real smart home solutions. Our system is just based on its simplicity, visualization and easy application.

Products list of lighting system
Product Name
Wireless Dimmer Switch
Current Detection Socket
Wireless Wall Switch
Wireless Internet Communication Gateway