Smart Home-Single room control: Solutions Detail

Are you limited with decoration budget? It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dream of having a set of smart home control system of your own. You just need to do some modification to your original plan. You don’t have to spend all the budget on the smart home system for your house. You can focus on one room, while other rooms can be the object of planning when the system is upgraded in the future.Wulian IOT home automation system offers you flexible intelligent home solution for your intelligent dream.

This is a fashion trend, said Keith Harrison, president of home automatic system company in caldwell, New Jersey, USA, in recent years, few proprietors demand us to install smart home system for the overall house, he said, but the proprietors hope that we can install at least one set of such system as that for their house.

Builders have been aware soon that the consumers’ consumption habits have changed. So they start to research and develop the control smart home system which is suitable for installation in the single room. You just need to spend one decent holiday fee to have one room with real home automation function. Chief technology officer from IOT company, Smith Zhang said, IOT isa professional intelligent home company dedicated to providing various smart home control solutions.

Living room is the most concerned one at home. There may have been one decent TV set, surround sound system in the living room. We can also add some real intelligent devices based on that such as lighting control system, automated blinds/curtain system, HVAC system,home security system, wireless smart irrigation system, wireless smart parking system and home theater/AV system etc.

Single room control system

One efficient remote controller can control all the devices at home. Wulian IOT smart home development team show you a perfect wireless remote controller, which can support your large-screen TV installation with a nearly perfect interface presented in front of you.